Established and incorporated in 2015 at Kuala Lumpur, MASA Horlogerie is the first Malaysian Bumiputera watchmaking company that involves in high quality, ultra-exclusive luxury timepieces with SWISS MADE accreditation.

Founded by a medical doctor with an avid interest in the field of horology, the establishment was inspired by the highly acclaimed, world famous Swiss watchmaking heritage and artistry, and more importantly by the aesthetically rich cultural heritage of Malaysia. 

“Horologi Warisan™” or “Heritage Horology™” has been our trademarked identity, in which we study, integrate and highlight Malaysia’s cultural elements into all the timepiece collection together with the time-honoured values of exceptional Swiss watchmaking, as a tribute to our unique cultural heritage and to bring this element into the world of fine watchmaking at the international level. This was the first ever installment made by a fine watchmaking company to exclusively incorporate Malaysian heritage elements with high quality timepieces, and MASA has been spearheading this unique concept ever since.